Trash & Recycling Chutes

Trash Chute Section

Trash and recycling chutes are normally 24″ 30″ or 36″ in diameter. Bolt free welded design of each section and intake allows for smooth handling of waste and recycling products.

Trash Chute Intake Door

Trash & recycling intake doors are usually bolted hinged and come in a range of sizes. Embossed “rubbish” or recycle” trim included.

Trash Chute Discharge Door

Rolling incline or accordion discharge self-closing with 165 degree fusible link.

Why Choose Us

High-Quality Products

Our products are built from the finest materials and utilize sound engineering techniques to ensure you get a chute that looks great, performs the way it should, has a lower long-term cost of maintenance, and withstands the grueling daily demands placed on it. When you order a chute from MCM, you’re getting a product that is truly built to last.

Exceptional Service

Our customer service is what really sets us apart. From the time you contact us for a quote to beyond the chute installation, you can count on always getting the same professional, friendly, and responsive service from MCM. Simply put, your satisfaction is always our top priority.

Excellent Value

Get the best value on your investment by working with MCM. Our products offer the perfect combination of quality and value.

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