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Metal Construction Materials, Inc.(MCM) was formed in 1975. With our superior engineering and economic design, MCM’s carports were immediately accepted by the commercial, architectural, and construction communities.

Metal Construction Materials, Inc. is a turnkey construction company that designs, manufactures and installs carports, trash chutes,* laundry chutes,* walkway covers and Shade canopies or covers. Our clients include commercial and multifamily industries located throughout the continental US.

*Trash and Linen Chutes only offered in the state of Texas

We have manufactured and installed over 200,000 Spaces across the country. MCM’s structural engineers are constantly examining the hot-rolled and cold rolled steel industries for ways to improve the structural integrity, appearance, and ease of installation of their carport designs.


Metal Construction Materials, Inc. was formed in 1975 as a manufacturer’s representative of prefabricated metal carports. Because of demand for more aesthetically pleasing carports, MCM formed its own carport manufacturing division in 1985. With superior engineering and economic design, MCM’s carports were immediately accepted by the commercial architectural and construction communities. Continued product improvements have resulted in the many different styles of carports shown on the accompanying pages. MCM previews sealed,engineered submittal engineered sealed engineered calculations upon request.

Where We Work - Chutes


Where We Work - Carports

MCM is licensed for the following states :
TX , LA , OK , MS , FL , CO , NC , TN , KS , NE , AL , GA , SC , VA , KY , MO , IA , AZ

Our Warranties

Our company will provide a warranty against all defects in materials, workmanship, and labor (except for any individual material warranties furnished by the manufacturer of materials used in this installation) for a period of one (1) year or in accordance with the contract documents.

This warranty shall not cover any damage or failure due to willful abuse, neglect, or improper maintenance of our installation by the owner, or for damage and destruction caused by fire or an act of God.

Metal Construction Materials does acknowledge that they shall upon notification from the owner, provide warranty service as required, to repair or replace defective materials, labor and workmanship as specified above at no cost to the owner or general contractor. If however, it is determined that the problem is not due to either faulty workmanship, labor, or material, then MCM may invoice the owner for the standard labor and material rates in effect at the time of such service.

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